Welcome to the Municipal Museum in Dvůr Králové nad Labem. The museum is located in Baroque grounds called Kohoutův dvůr (Cock´s Court). The whole site was originally a yeoman´s courtyard built in 1738 by the concierge F. A. Bergl for the needs of F. A. Špork´s estate in Kuks.The complex consists of three buildings: the main building serves as an exhibition hall for two permanent exhibitions. The exhibition devoted to the production of traditional Christmas decorations can be found on the second floor and the newly opened History of the Town of Dvůr Králové nad Labem and History of the Textile Industry in Dvůr Králové Region is to be found on the first floor, the place where you are just now. In the building that was the original granary there is an exhibition hall and an art gallery. The buildings are interconnected by a sandstone gate with three Baroque statues produced by Matyas Bernard Braun´s followers.

The Calvary by Jan Václav Bergl

The collection of oil paintings by J. V. Bergl decorates the City Museum, the so-called „Rooster courtyard“.

This collection was put together mostly by paintigs, relief etc. all together 14 pieces. At first, it may seem that in this case i tis same, but reality is a bit diferent. Here you can find 10 dimensional paintings /245 x 160 cm/, 2 paintings are smaller /180 x 105 cm/ and very smal which seem to be just a torso of one of the paintings.

What is the exact history of this voyage? J. V. Bergl painted this collection for his town (he was born in 1719) in approximately 1759 as order by the town. As a result, the collection of pantings decorated the local church of Jan Křtitel for more than one hundred years. In 1899, the year in which the reconstruction of the church was being finished, the pantings were sold and taken to Nová Paka by the Suchard family, who restored the paintings for the first time. The whole collection did not actually belong to them. Two paintings were destroyed before they were put on sale. The paintings belonged to the family up until the year 1913, and were later sold to the City Hall in Dvůr Králové. The first  place to by ownedby the museum was renaissance building, part of City Hall, náměstí no. 1. Here, in the newrooms, Bergl’s „Calvary“ was exhibited. It became part of collection, belonging to the museum. The collection had been restored a few times already. First, by the Suchard family, and last, not too long ago, by the Ad Restauro company.